Massage Therapist Kim Young C.M.T.

I have lived in Jackson since 1992. I first visited in 1987 and decided then that it would be my home.

People always ask me how I got interested in massage. To be honest, an intuitive healer that I met in Jackson told me it was what I was supposed to do.  It was a big change from what I was doing at the time which was being a naturalist, botanist, and Nordic ski instructor, however, I had originally gone to school for Sports Medicine and had been interested in Physical Therapy but I had been side tracked by the outdoors. I ended up with a Biology and Botany degree.  I am an avid athlete (skier, Nordic skier, ski mountaineering racer, trail runner, climber, and mountain biker). Massage had helped me in the past to help speed recovery from activity and to keep me grounded and happy mentally. I also felt like I wanted to make a difference in the world and massage seemed like a good way to help people. In 2001, I enrolled at the Phillips School of Massage in California and completed a 600-hour program.

I went into massage knowing the importance of human touch for a person’s mental and physical health, and I wanted my work to have a strong effect on both. While in massage school, I also trained to become a Reiki Master so that I would have a strong base in energy work.


I knew that I wanted more specific knowledge in helping clients with injuries and clients recovering from and preparing for athletic activities. After graduating from massage school, I worked full time for a physical therapist for 6 months. I then enrolled in 200 hours of continuing education courses dedicated to sports injury and orthopedic massage at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in Boulder, CO and later at Heartwood Institute in northern CA. At this point I have well over 1000 hours in training and continuing education. I am always learning as much as I can to help my clients.

In Sept. 2013, I had a lumbar fusion to repair an old injury that I did not discover until March of 2013. It was a pars fracture of my L4 vertebrae. It turns out, the vertebrae had been mobile for so many years, it had worn away my disc between L4/L5. This resulted in impinged nerves which limited the use of my left leg and core muscles. I have had an amazing recovery and have worked with amazing doctors and physical therapists along the way.  While recovering, I made use of the time when I couldn't work, by earning a certification in personal training . This experience has taught me so much and has improved my massage therapy practice.

I find that it works best to integrate specific work with energy work. This is the foundation of my massage style.

Massage has been an amazing journey and has changed my life. I am very passionate about my work and love what I do. My belief is that people need human touch to feel happy. I also believe that people need to connect with and respect themselves before they can respect others and respect nature and the earth. I feel that giving and receiving a massage is a step in the right direction.


I have been practicing massage since 2001. I am very grateful for all of my clients and look forward to working with new clients.


Thank you,

Kim Young


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